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Nepal Earthquake Appeal – Kendal Mountain Film Festival

IPPG are proud to be hosting the Kendal Mountain Film Festival World Tour at the New Theatre, Cardiff.

Kendal Mountain Film Festival

On Friday 10th July, for the very first time, the prestigious Kendal Mountain Film Festival comes to Cardiff for an extremely important cause – to raise funds for the Nepal Earthquake Appeal.

The very best action and adventure films from around the world have been carefully selected to showcase a wide range of fantastic high-adrenaline mountain activities.

All of the proceeds from this event will go towards delivering aid directly to the people of Nepal following the recent devastating earthquakes.
The International Porter Protection Group, working together with Porters Progress UK and Community Action Nepal, have over twenty years experience of working in the remote mountain regions of Nepal, and are dedicated to rebuilding the lives, homes and communities that have been destroyed.

Selected films are: Dejame Vivir (Winner of Best Adventure and Exploration Film); Where Walking Took Me (Winner of Best Short Film); Sounds of Paragliding (Winner of Best Sound Award); Balloon Highline; All My Own Stunts; and Alone On The River. The event will be hosted by Doug Scott CBE.

Kendal Mountain Film Festival World Tour is taking place at the New Theatre on Friday 10 July. Tickets are on sale now for only £15. For further details about the show or to book tickets visit www.newtheatrecardiff.co.uk or call the Box Office on (029) 2087 8889.

Rebuilding Nepal – a long trek with many mountains to climb


You have probably been following the tragic news from Nepal and are aware of the country’s dire need for support and aid. A huge humanitarian effort has now built up involving the UN, large aid organisations like Oxfam and Save the Children and many others. Nepal is a very difficult place in which to provide aid, with one limited international airport at Katmandu and then the challenge of reaching the hundreds of remote villages, most of which are accessible only on foot with little or no telecommunications. The focus at the moment is on getting the basics of shelter, food, water and sanitation and medical services to people. If you would like to know more, about the wider picture, daily updates are available from the humanitarian co-ordinators in Katmandu at: http://reliefweb.int/organization/un-rchc-nepal

Putting together a clear picture is a slow process, when communications and local institutions are destroyed, and people are struggling to survive. A real understanding of the extent of the devastation in Nepal is still unfolding. Yesterday the official death toll passed 8000 but the actual figure is likely to be much higher. No one has an absolutely clear picture of the situation which is developing day by day. Our partner charity Community Action Nepal has local people who are slowly finding out what has happened to the communities with which we work. You can find out more about this at their website, http://www.canepal.org.uk/ or following them on Facebook.

We already know that many of the areas in which we and our partner charities operate have been severely damaged. These include the Gorkha, Langtang, Kathmandu, Sindupalchowk and Helambu districts as well as the Solukhumbu. We will be working together in these communities to help reconstruct their buildings, their lives and livelihoods. But before we start we need reports and most importantly we need time with the people affected to understand what their priorities are.

Your help – now and in the future

IPPG, CAN and PPUK would like to thank all of our supporters for the donations we have received in the immediate aftermath of the earthquake. Collectively we now have people on the ground helping put those emergency funds to good use: supplying food; offering medical equipment; enabling transportation; and delivering shelter. This is part of the wider response to the immediate challenges facing Nepal.

Meanwhile, IPPG, CAN and PPUK are working together. We will have an important role to play in the reconstruction because of our long history in Nepal and contacts amongst the people there. We will be asking for your support in the coming months and years to help Nepal help itself. Please keep following us on our website and Facebook page.

IPPG and PPUK have always believed that empowerment is the key to making lasting change, and so with your help we will work to provide the Nepalese with the support and the tools they need to rebuild their lives.

Thank you for all your support,

Nick Mason
Registered Charity No. 1143221
Mary Morrell
Porters Progress UK
Registered Charity No. 1112943

How You Can Help

Earthquake Update Statement

Dear Friends and Supporters

Out thoughts are prayers are with the people of Nepal as the extent of the tragedy in Nepal unfolds. Many thanks to those of you who have contacted us with offers of help. As we know Nepal is a fragile country and there is urgent need for aid. The immediate need is to get water, shelter and food to those who need it most.

We urge those who are able to donate, to give as generously as they can to the Disasters Emergency Committee’s Nepal Earthquake Appeal that is being launched today (http://www.dec.org.uk). They are best placed to get the aid to those who need it most NOW.

We expect the death toll to rise dramatically as the aid teams start to reach the remote districts where many porters live. We know that no aid has yet reached the many remote villages, some of which have been completely destroyed and where many are injured. For current information on rural districts please see the Community Action Nepal website (http://www.canepal.org.uk) where  information from these areas is being collected.

All of IPPG’s doctors and staff are safe at Machermo although the porter shelter and rescue post at Gokyo has suffered significant damage and the roof has collapsed. Tragically the brother of Kancha Rai, the cook at Machermo, was one of those killed at Everest Base Camp. We are pleased to say that Denise Prior (PPUK Trustee) is now back in the UK and that Ben Ayers (Founder of Porters Progress) is back in Kathmandu, and we have been in contact with Tom Buttle (PPUK Trustee) who is in Nepal. The advice for those in the mountains is to stay where they have water and food, rather than descending to Kathmandu. Our best wishes to the Medex team members who are in the Gurkha camp in Kathmandu.

The Porters of Nepal are a tough and proud people but in the longer term the need for aid to rebuild their shattered homes and lives will be vital and last many years. We are in contact with our sister charities at  CAN and PPUK to coordinate and organise specific fund raising in the coming months. Today we send our heartfelt good wishes to all those who are waiting for aid and the aid workers who are striving to deliver it. 

Nick Mason (IPPG Chair) and Mary Morrell (PPUK Chair)

IMG_1815   IMG_1828
Machermo Rescue Post Namygal Lodge Machermo


Nepal Earthquake



A magnitude 7.8 earthquake stuck 80km northwest of Kathmandu on the morning of Saturday 25th April.
Devastation is widespread with the death toll of 2500 only expected to rise.

IPPG has volunteer doctors and Nepali staff in our rescue posts in Machermo and Gokyo in the Everest region of Nepal.
We’ve now had contact with Sam & Dan at Gokyo, and Claire, Olivia, Chhewang and Kancha at Machermo. Thankfully all are well. The rescue posts have sustained minor damage so for the time being they can remain there safe, ready to help trekkers and the local community.
Tragically we have heard the Kancha’s brother was killed in the avalanche off Pumori hitting Everest base camp.

In the aftermath of the tragedy, many of you will want to help in any way possible.
If you want to make a donation, IPPG would ask you to donate to Community Action Nepal’s Earthquake Appeal.
IPPG works extremely closely with CAN who, as well as being our partners in running the rescue posts, also have many projects in areas of Nepal badly affected by the earthquake. Although not as large as the international aid agencies CAN is well placed to assist the remote mountain communities who will need help over the coming weeks, months and years.

Donate via CAN’S Earthquake Appeal https://www.justgiving.com/can/

2014 Donations



IPPG UK trustees would like to express their gratitude to everyone who has kindly donated to IPPG during 2014 either directly or via MyDonate*.

Please note that any gift aid reclaimed is not included below.

Previous years donations can be viewed at Our Donors & Supporters

List of donors 2014

Pre-Monsoon 2014 Machermo & Gokyo season report

Thanks to the volunteers of the Pre-Monsoon 2014 ( Dr Emma Lloyd-Davies, Dr Megan Higgins, Dr Tom Chivers, Alice Brooker, Mark Sears, Helen Shipley, , Emily Brown) who did a great job of running the IPPG rescue post.

Check out their report for the best questions and more.

The Best questions asked

  • Is it safe to shower at altitude?
  • Will standing on my head every morning stop me getting HAPE?
  • I do yoga, is there a way I can slow my breathing to help me acclimatise?

End of Season Report Pre-Monsoon 2014

Photo Exhibition “Die kleinen Menschen, die die großen Lasten tragen”

Photo Exhibition “Die kleinen Menschen, die die großen Lasten tragen” (The small people carrying the large loads) by Robert Lessmann

will be shown from the  8th of August till 30th of August at:

Infozentrum Naturpark-Altmühltal
Notre Dame 1
85072 Eichstätt

For more information: http://www.eichstaett.de/veranstaltungen/die_kleinen_menschen_die_dieg-116638-8594304/

Neglect still happens

Two trekkers have contacted IPPG recently, distressed by porter mistreatment they saw up in Langtang, Nepal:
“on the Langtang trail we repeatedly saw porters in flip flops bearing loads that had to exceed 30 kg. On 7th November 2013 we saw a group of about 20 French trekkers who had some of the worst clothed porters with heaviest loads. Another example was a Japanese group using female porters who must have been carrying twice their weight on their backs. ”
If anyone has further information please contact IPPG.

2013 Donors & Fundraisers

Thank you to all who fundraised and donated to IPPG during 2013.

Details can be found on our donors & supporters page. http://www.ippg.net/tx//how-you-can-help/our-donors-supporters/

Machermo & Gokyo Post Monsoon 2013 End of Season Report.

Thanks to all the volunteers for their hard work during the testing 2013 Post Monsoon Season.

You can read their full report here >> Post Monsoon 2013 End of Season Report

In it you’ll find “Best Questions asked”  and more ….

My Guide says it is not safe to wash at altitude. Is this correct? (we actually overheard this on several occasions from guides to trekkers…)
Is it safe to go for 7 weeks without eating meat?
Is it safe to take your down jacket off? My guide says removing this too quickly can make you ill.
I know I don’t have a fever as I normally feel it in my testicles first.
Is it normal to stop breathing when you take photos at altitude?
Is it true that you need to eat more bananas if you are taking Diamox to increase your potassium? (missing the point there are no bananas available up here…)
Is it better to smoke at altitude?
How many days should I take my husband’s steroids for if I have a cold?