Pre-Monsoon 2014 Machermo & Gokyo season report

Thanks to the volunteers of the Pre-Monsoon 2014 ( Dr Emma Lloyd-Davies, Dr Megan Higgins, Dr Tom Chivers, Alice Brooker, Mark Sears, Helen Shipley, , Emily Brown) who did a great job of running the IPPG rescue post. Check out their report for the best questions and more. The Best questions asked Is it safe […]

Machermo & Gokyo Post Monsoon 2013 End of Season Report.

Thanks to all the volunteers for their hard work during the testing 2013 Post Monsoon Season. You can read their full report here >> Post Monsoon 2013 End of Season Report In it you’ll find “Best Questions asked”  and more …. My Guide says it is not safe to wash at altitude. Is this correct? (we […]

Machermo & Gokyo 2013 Pre-Monsoon (Spring) Report

Thanks to the guys for all their hard work during the 2013 Spring season. You can read their report here. Pre Monsoon 2013 end of season report

Machermo & Gokyo post-monsoon (autumn) 2012 report

Machermo & Gokyo Rescue Posts 2012 post-monsoon report

Machermo & Gokyo pre-monsoon (spring) 2012 report

Pre-monsoon (spring) 2012 report

Machermo & Gokyo post-monsoon (autumn) 2011 report

Post-monsoon 2011 report

Machermo & Gokyo pre-monsoon (spring) 2011 report

Machermo and Gokyo pre-monsoon (spring) 2011 report

Machermo post monsoon (autumn) 2010 report

machermo report autumn 2010

Machermo pre monsoon (spring) 2010 report

Spring 2010 report

Machermo post monsoon (autumn) 2009 report

Report Machermo Sept – Nov 2009 – Dr Paul Nickson (edited by Dr Jim Duff) Pre-Machermo Travel plans were largely tied in with the HRA induction course, the dates of which were uncertain. The need to book flights well in advance made this a little difficult. From previous reports it looks like most people have […]