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How You Can Help


Our donors and supporters | Sponsorship scheme


One-off donations are always welcome, contact your country representative or the secretary. Better still join our sponsorship scheme.

Donations in the UK and EUROPE

IPPG-UK can now gift aid all donations. Please download and return the IPPG Gift aid declaration

Here is how you can make a donation to IPPG in the UK:

1) Online 

2) Send a cheque (in pounds) in the name of International Porter Protection Group to:
IPPG c/o Dr Emma Mason
15 Kyveilog Street
Cardiff, CF11 9JA, UK

3) Through internet banking/direct deposit/electronic transfer:
Please contact us for bank details.


The UK arm of IPPG is a registered charity and you can find details about joining on the membership page

If you are elsewhere in the world become part of IPPG by donating time, effort, skills or cash! Contact your country representative or the secretary if you can help.

If you wish to become a representative in your country, read becoming an IPPG rep for more info on what it entails.


Print off and disseminate any of the information on this website, in particular the guidelines for ethical trekking. Anyone can be an activist and lobby government and media. all we ask is that you check with your country representative or the secretary before using IPPG’s name.


If you employ porters, follow the guidelines for ethical trekking and treat your porters as you would like to be treated yourself.

If you go trekking with a trekking company, ask them about their porter treatment policy.

Finally, report any incidents of neglect or abuse that you witness while trekking. If possible, take note of the date, place, time and group involved and what exactly happened; photos are useful. Please send your reports to us.


Are you about to embark on your ‘adventure of a lifetime’? Why not ask all your friends and family to sponsor you for it and raise a donation for IPPG? For example you could ask them to sponsor you for 1¢ / 1p a meter climbed if you’re going up, or 10¢ /10p a kilometer if going along!


Should you wish to contribute clothes or footwear for porters clothing bankscontact us. Useful clothes include good quality wind shell, fleece jackets and boots (up to size 9). Don’t forget clothing may be dropped off at a clothing bank after your trek.

Our donors and supporters | Sponsorship scheme