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surfboardsThis is a page to recognise all our donors and supporters over the years. We’ve tried to remember everybody, BUT if your name is missing please let us know and we’ll add it to the list! See also the list of our committed sponsors who have signed on the sponsorship scheme.

This is a list of donations received over the years, in the country’s own currency unless indicated.

Sponsors via CAN

There are many more sponsors who contributed generously to the Machermo Project through CAN (Community Action Nepal). It is not possible for IPPG to name them all, as the donations were made to CAN. However, those we know include:

P Smith (UK) who raised approximately £8000.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you feel you should be mentioned here as well.

More info on how to make a donation here.

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This donors table was last updated in November 2014.
If you don't appear on this list but think you should PLEASE contact us.
NameAmount £ or equivalent
Miss Louise Newphrey (MYDONATE)9.87
Tom & Jane Kerr (MYDONATE)7.89
Dr Graham Searle (MYDONATE)210.60
Anonymous donation (MYDONATE)5000.00
Mrs Amy Chisholm231.10
Dr Dave Evans20.00
Mr Robert Marten550.00
Wimborne Orienteers110.00
Grantchester Aftereights200.00
Dr Kristen Hoy (MYDONATE)19.74
Mr Jim Eite (MYDONATE)9.87
Mark Sears200.00
Charity Challenge 20131820.00
Anonymous donation (MYDONATE)10.00
Mr L. Griffiths10.00
International Baccalaureate (dolls for Gokyo x 8)80.00
Mr Richard Long200.00
Anonymous donation (MYDONATE)799.47
Mr Shannon Eslick (MYDONATE)49.35
Westholme Girls' Junior School1388.00
Anonymous donation (MYDONATE)499.85
Miss Tizzy Mann (MYDONATE)4.85
Challenges PBI F Challenges UN LTD10.00
Anonymous donation (MYDONATE)74.70
Mr Andreas Thomke (MYDONATE)365.19
Porters Progress UK (solar panels)1257.00
Porters Progress UK (2 x PAC)1100.00
Porters Progress UK (books and other kit for Gokyo)1332.96
Anonymous donation (MYDONATE)19.72
Peak Walking Adventure50.00
Dr Tariq Quershi600.00
Anonymous donation (MYDONATE)98.70
Dr Andrew Pye fund raiser (Cumbrian Half-Marathon)126.17
Mr Andrew Gibb (MYDONATE)98.70
Thank you to all those who donated to IPPG via Dove Trust during 20131218.55
Dr Alison Chambers & Andy Pye - 'Pounds For Porters' Hadrains Wall Fund Raiser1002
Donations received at Doug Scott's talk506.31
Dr Laura Kwan' fundraising event385
Dr PW Barry379
Drs MK & KJ Greene375
Plas y Brenin raffle money317
Dr Clare Bodey & Hugh Smith60
Dr Eamon Staunton - Godshill Village Hall60
Mr Leonard Pope46
Mrs J.R. Bokota40.11
Dr Mike Rocker40
Total of anonymous donations37
Dr Isla Wormald (Doll for Gokyo)25
Caerphilly Camera Club25
Cardiff Camera Club20
Ms A.K. Lee20
John Sparkes (Doll for Gokyo)20
George and Carrie (Doll for Gokyo)15
Donation via Mountain Kingdom10
Dr Emma Mason (Doll for Gokyo)10
Dr Katie Hawkins (Doll for Gokyo)10
Dr Annabel Croucher (Doll for Gokyo)10
Dr Elana Farrant (Doll for Gokyo)10
Frankie Jaffa M/S (Doll for Gokyo)10
Pam Mowbray (Doll for Gokyo)10
Mrs Stella Gainsborough10
Sharon Taylor (Doll for Gokyo)10
Dr Mary Morrell10
Kathryn Rimmer (Doll for Gokyo)10
Gail Mellon (Doll for Gokyo)10
Irene Parker (Doll for Gokyo)10
Karen and Jay (Doll for Gokyo)10
Rees (Doll for Gokyo)10
Macie Priscilla (Doll for Gokyo)10
Tabbatha Coakley (Doll for Gokyo)10
Ellise (Doll for Gokyo)10
Carys (Doll for Gokyo)10
Jayne (Doll for Gokyo)9
M.J.Savage via Mountain Kingdoms5
Mr Gary Salvadore10
Dr Catherine McNee30
Ms Marian Krogh20
Dr Peter Barritt700
Dr Adam Booth300
Plas-y-Brenin raffle354
Andy Tomlinson*350
Ski symposium20
Jon Morgan (originally IPPG W/E)90
PR Gerstle*100
Richard Lowsby (donation)*100
Donation from Mera Peak Group Globotrek (TBC)1695.06
Phil Leadbeater*50
Dr D Phelan*20
Lloyds TSB donation500
Dr AA Tomlinson* (Buy-a-brick)20
Dr E Farrant*(Buy-a-brick)10
Dr J Farrant*(Buy-a-brick)10
Dr Z Smith*(Buy-a-brick)10
Dr TS Wisesingma*(Buy-a-brick)10
Dr K Rosedale*(Buy-a-brick)10
Dr MC Knox*(Buy-a-brick)10
UK DiMM donation482.5
Moln Ltd. Finnish Adventure Company. Basecamp Level 3 for 3yrs306.56
Annonymous donation - Charity Aid Foundation50
Donations received via Dove Trust*12.1
Charity Challenge (2010-11)949
Charity Challenge (2011-12)1664
Dolls for Gokyo20
Dolls for Gokyo210
Donation (Dr Mika Verheul)77.87
Warwick Wilderness Medicine Society175
Junior Anaesthetists of Wales500
Donation (Sara Cockrell - USA)295.6
Donation (Stella)10
Eight Up Appeal1225
D K Hillebrandt (camp 2)630
Lloyds TSB500
Plas y Brenin Christmas raffle (Diploma in Mountain Medicine)354
Dr A Tomlinson350
J & J Lagoe (camp 1)60
North Stainley Fifty's Club40
N Mason55
S Wilson50
M Hammond40
F Newey25
AD Mcintyre25
Ski Symposium20
World Expeditions500
N Mudalige100
The Adventure Company Foundation3,830
D K Hillebrandt (camp 2)180
Himalayan Mountain Guides (camp 3)352
J & J Lagoe (camp 1)60
Index Medical100
Craghoppers Club200
M Clement-Pralong80
IM Harris75
D Eggbeer50
D Cronk20
Australian Himalayan Foundation (summit success)59226
K Hedman8280
J & J Blackwood (camp 1 status)300
M Dane48
M Cohen48
N Steiner8825 NR
E & A Ussell3,500
D K Hillebrandt (camp 2 status)230
Charity Challenge1,158
Fundraiser R Casserley & P Trumpleman574
Jagged Globe230
Diploma in Mountain Medicine Fundraiser357
Classic Journey Adventure Travel250
K & B Pearson125
K Surrudge30
S Wallis20
AG Woodward20
B&H Cassidy30
N Marshall30
J & J Lagoe15
GJ & VA Roscoe50
C George10
P Kirk30
Anonymous/unidentified (total)525
Australian Himalayan Foundation (summit success)1,138
Peregrine Adventures (summit success)1,300
Chamberlain family (camp 1 status)250
J & J Blackwood (camp 1 status)300
B Tuna50
G Deaking200
I & L Darding100
M Hedge14500 NR
see PNG donors
Traverse Line (camp 1 status)80
G Tiso Ltd, Outdoor specialist100
Classic Nepal Ltd100
W R & K M Wignal100
Trekking Encounters Limited (camp 1 status) 60
Charity Challenge1260
Kipling Travel (camp 3 status)243
D K Hillebrandt (camp 2 status)380
Jagged Globe fund raiser (JA Whittaker 25, A Johnson 50, JCW Steele 100, GP Gardiner 10, JE Morrell 20, S Velayudhan 10, RA Conley 20, C Beaver 100, C Kynaston 50, WD & G Dunne 10)395
J Lowther15
G Davenport25
Dr Levermann79
Peregrine Adventures (summit success)1,300
DCXP Mountain Journeys (summit success)1,282
Australian Himalayan Foundation (summit success)1,138
JC Wayside Inn500
J & J Blackwood (camp 1 status)300
Chamberlain family (camp 1 status)250
Leistner & Roberts200
R Lambert50
World Expeditions50
Charity Challenge2,095

UK Diploma of Mountain Medicine Faculty

C Elsworth (summit success)600
Jagged Globe600
D K Hillebrandt (camp 2 status)180
Classic Journeys (camp 2 status)100
MD & GA Evans100


W Yeovil30
Various donors80
World Expeditions (summit success)1,315
Australian Himalayan Foundation (summit success)1,283
DCXP Mountain Journeys (summit success)1,282
J & J Blackwood (camp 1 status)300
R Tomaszewski (camp 1 status)300
Carlisle Contemporary Health Practice (camp 1 status)200
C Priest (base camp status)100
Chamberlain family (camp 1 status)250
Rotary Club of Burwood2,000
C Elsworth (summit success)600
Classic Journeys (camp 2 status)100
D K Hillebrandt (camp 2 status)180

The Mountain Company

The Himalayan Adventure Company (camp 3 status)350
J & G Armitage (base camp status)226

Outer Limits Explore (camp

2 status)
C Dunn25
Gwent Mountaineering Club50
T O'Connor25
Himalayan Kingdoms 200
N Webb20
J Wilshaw35
The Mountain Fund 1,000
The Thomas Maren Foundation26,000
Toorak College (summit success)1,500
World Expeditions (summit success)1,315
Australian Himalayan Foundation (summit success)1,283
Scotch College Melbourne1,500
DCXP Mountain Journeys (summit success)1,391
J & J Blackwood (camp 1 status)300
R Tomaszewski (camp 1 status)300
Carlisle Contemporary Health Practice (camp 1 status)200
C Priest (base camp status)100
Chamberlain family (camp 1 status)250
Perks Chartered Accountants350
S Browne105
B Jacobs10
A Booker64
K Steele50
Warringah Shire Council67
British Embassy KathmanduGBP1665
Medical Expeditions (a UK mountain medicine educationcharity)1069
C Elsworth (summit success)600
S Spencer-Jones530
Swiss Society for Mountain Medicine525
Classic Journeys (camp 2 status)250
D K Hillebrandt (camp 2 status)180

The Mountain Company

The Himalayan Adventure Company (camp 3 status)
J & G Armitage (base camp status)50
M Hammond50
G Richards50
CT Eyles50
P Hartley50
M Wadham20
J Finch20
N Triggs10
World Expeditions USA30
Island School (HongKong)7,300.00
Toorak College (summit success)1,500.00
DCXP Mountain Journeys (summit success)1,380.00
CE Bartlett (manufacturer of the Portable Altitude Chamber - PAC)hyperbaric bag
P Mitchell (Dynamic Web Solutions)hours on website
Carlisle Contemporary Health Practice (camp 1status)300
J & J Blackwood (camp 1 status)300
R Tomaszewski (camp 1 status)300
Chamberlain family (camp 1 status)250
C Priest (base camp status)100
H Maccana (base camp status)100
Safety Network Aust568.1
A Brennan568.1
World Expeditions200
Lyn Taylor's Adventure Travel60
Aurora Expeditions56.81
S Browne284.05
P MacDonald284.05
IA & PK Norrie200
R Darken115
S Tang115
B Cassimatis113.62
R M Stanton113.62
J McDonell100
G Mendis100
I& R Gawler100
P Lake60
S Bray60
N Wearne60
A Ayrton56.81
E Gibbings & T Cadman56.81
C Patch56.81
S Fear56.81
L P Taylor54
L Cook50

Doug Scott presentation (joint effort with MEC, E James & R Dhamala)

F Belanger284.05
Fillion & Metivier125 .00
B Fortin113.62
W Vivequin85.21
E James50
Grant McEwen Mountain Club150
MEC Slide Show125
K Manry50
Island Schoolsatellite phone
The Himalayan Adventure Company (camp 3 status)500
Classic Journeys (camp 2 status)250
D K Hillebrandt (camp 2 status)230
Everest Marathon1000
Himalayan Kingdoms350
Himalayan Kingdomsprogram set up for clients to donate to IPPG
International Challenge335
High Places300
Kendal Mountain Film Festival100
J Pearson fundraiser500
Webb fundraiser100
M Bloomfield300
High Places300
P Adams200
C Bonington113.62
S M Gilani108.95
CL Owen75
D Kamming56.81
R Anderson56.81
J & G Armitage50
S Westmacott50
D Harper50
D Cannon30.05
J Abdullah26
Prescott & White25
Pereze & Spinaze24
J Arty20
J H Willis20
B Evans15

R Holloway

P R Deegan10
I Wall8.5
International Mountain Explorers Connection (IMEC)

oxygen concentrator

B Fassl224
B Fasslpulse oximeter<TOP>
B Fassl224
B Fasslpulse oximeter<TOP>
B Fassl224
B Fasslpulse oximeter<TOP>