Sponsorship Scheme

IPPG Sponsorship Scheme


Each year in Nepal, mountain porters suffer serious illness or die carrying loads to enable Western visitors to enjoy the mountains of Nepal.

As part of their work in the Gokyo Valley, IPPG and Community Action Nepal (CAN) are constructing a porter shelter in the Gokyo Village, where porters frequently have to cook and sleep without shelter at 4800m. Regrettably work has had to stop on the project because of inadequate funds. £40,000 is required for its completion.

Please sponsor a brick for £10 (Gift Aid available in the UK) and help to improve the lives of mountain porters. Print and return this form Buy a brick for Gokyo.

Thank you for your support!



IPPG acknowledges the generosity of individuals and organisations.

Companies and individuals who join our sponsorship scheme will receive a special mention on this website.

SPONSORSHIP LEVELS (annual contributions for a minimum of three years):

  • base camp: contribution of between US$50 and US$99 (or the equivalent)
  • camp 1: contribution of between US$100 and US$249 (or the equivalent)
  • camp 2: contribution of between US$250 and US$499 (or the equivalent)
  • camp 3: contribution of between US$500 and US$999 (or the equivalent)
  • summit success: contribution of over US$1000 (or the equivalent)

The ongoing nature of many of our projects means that an annual commitment for a minimum of three years gives us security to manage things long-term. Please contact us to set up your sponsorship.

Thank you!

A big thank you to all our sponsors and supporters over the years. Without you, not much could be achieved! Have a look at the list!

Our committed sponsors

COMPANIES summit success
DCXP Mountain Journeys(Australia)World Expeditions (Australia)

Australian Himalayan Foundation(Australia)

Peregrine Adventures (Australia)

camp 3

Himalayan Mountain Guides (Nepal)

The Himalayan Adventure Company (UK)

Kipling Travel (Denmark)

camp 2

Classic Journeys (UK)

Outer Limits Explore (UK)

camp 1

Trekking Encounters (UK)

The Mountain Company (UK)

Traverse Line (UK)

Peak Walking Adventures (UK)

INDIVIDUALS summit successToorak College (Australia)C Elsworth (UK)

camp 2

D K Hillebrandt (UK)

camp 1

J & J Lagoe (UK)

Chamberlain Family (Australia)

J & J Blackwood (Australia)

R Tomaszewski (Australia)

Carlisle Contemporary Health Practice (Australia)

base camp

C Priest (Australia)

J & G Armitage (UK)