Machermo & Gokyo Post Monsoon 2013 End of Season Report.

Thanks to all the volunteers for their hard work during the testing 2013 Post Monsoon Season.

You can read their full report here >> Post Monsoon 2013 End of Season Report

In it you’ll find “Best Questions asked”  and more ….

My Guide says it is not safe to wash at altitude. Is this correct? (we actually overheard this on several occasions from guides to trekkers…)
Is it safe to go for 7 weeks without eating meat?
Is it safe to take your down jacket off? My guide says removing this too quickly can make you ill.
I know I don’t have a fever as I normally feel it in my testicles first.
Is it normal to stop breathing when you take photos at altitude?
Is it true that you need to eat more bananas if you are taking Diamox to increase your potassium? (missing the point there are no bananas available up here…)
Is it better to smoke at altitude?
How many days should I take my husband’s steroids for if I have a cold?



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