Machermo & Gokyo Porter Shelters and Rescue Posts

Porter Shelter and Rescue Center

At 4410m, Machermo is ideally situated to provide a much needed rescue service, a dormitory and a kitchen for porters plying the upper reaches of the Gokyo valley and the passes leading into it (Renzo La 5600m and Cho La 5420m). The rescue service is also available to trekkers.

Since the spring season 2003 the post has opened each trekking season and was originally based in a room at Namgyal’s lodge in the village. We have now moved into our purpose built facility (pictured). The building was initially financed by Community Action Nepal (CAN) and construction supervised by Gobinda and Mahesh (CAN-Nepal), Namgyal Sherpa and Ian Wall (CAN-UK trustee). It has been fitted out at IPPG’s expense and IPPG is  in the process of repaying CAN the cost of construction.

Gokyo Outreach Facility
There is a porter shelter with attached doctor’s room being built at Gokyo by CAN (electrics, etc by IPPG) to meet an urgent need for both shelter and medical help. This is an outreach of the Machermo facility and a doctor is not always present, though there is a good phone connection to the Machermo post for summoning help. Until the shelter is finished the doctor stays in rooms at one of the Gokyo lodges.



Porters sleeping in a cave

Porters sleeping in a cave


Machermo Rescue Post is equipped with a Portable Altitude Chamber (donated by the manufacturer CE Bartlett, Australia), an oxygen generator (donated by IMEC, USA), oxygen cylinders, two pulse oximeters (one donated by Bernhard Fassl USA, and one donated by GE Healthcare UK), a stretcher (donated by Skipton CRO, UK), rescue equipment (donated by the Furness Mountain Rescue team, UK), solar powered batteries (Jim Duff’s Kili sponsored climb), a satellite phone (donated by Island School, Hong Kong) and heaps of medication including Penthrox inhalers (donated by Medical Developments International, Australia). The kitchen and dormitory fitout was funded by donations from various people including Scotch College and Toorak College (Australia).  A new stethoscope, sphygmometer and some medication was recently donated by Julie Courvoisier and her group from France, and Dr Nima donated his surplus medical supplies.

In no particular order, on behalf of the porters, grateful thanks to:

  • The Kumbila Buffer Zone committee (KBZC) who have been instrumental in facilitating the project along with the National Park and Local User Committee Machermo.
  • Namgyal Sherpa who has supervised the construction
  • Ian Wall who directed construction
  • CAN-UK and all their donors who made the construction possible
  • Sir Edmund Hillary, who signed Doug Scott’s photos/ posters (of the Hillary step, Everest) raising most of the money needed to build the Porter Shelter/Rescue Post and the generosity of the people who bought them at auction
  • The Himalayan Trust
  • The British embassy, Kathmandu
  • Dr Trish Batchelor who first managed the rescue post
  • Drs Louise Cook (Director), Nick and Emma Mason and Matt Morgan who manage the project.
  • All our donors who are listed on this website. There are many others not mentioned who gave time and support.

If you have any queries or suggestions or feel you should be mentioned above, please contact me on
Dr Jim Duff, IPPG International Coordinator


Would you be interested in working as a volunteer at the Machermo or Gokyo rescue posts? More info here.

A big thank you to the volunteers who ran the rescue posts in past seasons:

  • Autumn 2013: Drs Karen and Mike Green (UK), Dr Suzi Hamilton and partner Greg (NZ), Dr Katie Hawkins (UK), Dr Eamon Staunton and partner Kirsty (UK)
  • Spring 2013: Drs Alison Chambers, Rachel Hamilton and Mike Wild; Richard Newman and Philip Leadbetter (medical students); Andrew Pye (nurse); Nick Blower (handy man).
  • Autumn 2012: Drs Clare Body, Kath Rosedale and Rebecca (Bex) Heath; Frances (Frankie) Jaffa and Caroline Culwick (medical students); Hugh Smith (useful man)
  • Spring 2012: Drs David Evans, Suzanne Hale, Barney Fontaine and Kitty Duncan, and Laura Evans (medical student)
  • Autumn 2011: Drs Mika Verheul (NZ) and Sean Tobin (UK), physiotherapist Anna Irwin (UK), Hans Wiskerke (NZ), and also Dr Helen Clements (S AFrica)
  • Spring 2011: Drs Lawrie Kidd, Rachel Southall and Kitty Duncan (UK), Dr Helen Clements (S Africa) and medical student Sarah Birkby (UK)
  • Autumn 2010: Drs James Farrant and Elana Owen (UK), Dr Laura Kwan (NZ), Drs Steve Seale and Noor Hamad (UK), and medical student Laura Owen (UK)
  • Spring 2010: Drs Mark Dewhurst, Richard Lowsby, Claire McCahill and Sarah Wysling (UK)
  • Autumn 2009: Drs Jenny Visser (NZ) and Paul Nickson (UK), medical students Nick Cochand (UK) and Kate Gazzard (AUS). Paul’s wife Ann, will also be present for part of the season
  • Spring 2009: Drs Matthew Ladbrook (UK), Simon Scott Hayward (UK), Shirley and David Glover (UK), and medical student Tariq Qureshi (UK)
  • Autumn 2008: Drs Michelle Delap & Susan Hinsley (UK)
  • Spring 2008: Drs Cheryl Tallon (UK), Kristen Hoy (AUS), and medical students Lauren Newcombe (UK) and Angus Mitchel
  • Autumn 2007: Drs Julia Thornely (OZ), Kate Wilson (UK), Alastair Bulcraig (UK), Nick Mason (UK)
  • Spring 2007: Drs Liz Scott (AUS), John Apps (UK)
  • Autumn 2006: Drs Matthew Morgan (UK), David Gwynne (UK), and Sunil Sharma medical student (UK)
  • Spring 2006: Dr Patrycja Jonetzko (UK), Barbara Brittle (USA) Physicians Assistant, Vanessa Wilson (UK) medical student
  • Autumn 2005: Drs Emma and Nick Mason (UK), Andrew Booker (Australia), and Toby Savage physician assistant (USA)
  • Spring 2005: Dr John Barry (Australia) and Kirsty Robertson volunteer (Australia)
  • Autumn 2004: Drs Louise Cook (UK), Andrew Kingsley (UK) and Tom Martin medical student (Australia)
  • Spring 2004: Drs Alex McRae (Australia), John Banks (Australia), Trish Batchelor (Australia)