Donation of £3,830 from the Adventure Company Foundation (UK)

Many thanks to the Adventure Company Foundation who donated £3,830 to IPPG for the construction of the Gokyo Porter Shelter.

Stephanie Millington, Product Executive, says:

Q4’s winners, voted for by TAC staff and customers alike, is the International Porter Protection Group’s Goyko Porter Shelter Project in the Everest region in Nepal. Our customers travelling during the months of July-September donated £1,915 which TAC then doubles, so total donations add up to £3,830.

IPPG have a community partnership with local teahouse owners who are very much in favour of this facility. The present situation is that porters often cannot find or afford shelter in crowded lodges and either sleep in the local caves or head down to lower altitude, some of them going as far as the Machermo shelter which is a long way at the end of a hard days work. They aim to have the building ready in 2 or 3 seasons time, with stone breaking due to commence shortly. The shelter will hold 100 porters and have a small room for a doctor/manager to stay during the trekking season. Once the shelter is built it technically belongs to the national park as it is on land they ‘gave’ them. IPPG and the local teahouse owners are then responsible for running the shelter. This means they pay all the bills and ensure they ensure the shelter is clean and tidy. The approximate cost of the project will be approximately £40,000 to erect the building (it’s very expensive as wood, plywood, cement, roofing tin etc, has to brought in from outside the national park by chopper and then porter on foot. Plus there are substantial extra costs in adding electrical system etc to make it habitable).

It’s really great to be involved with the IPPG, not only because the Gokyo shelter project is directly relevant to our customers and will in time be a facility which can be used by staff taking our EKG groups to the region but this organisation is also quite well known and highly regarded amongst trekkers and other ethical trekking operators for their work towards improving working conditions for mountain porters involved in tourism.”

More on the Adventure Company Foundation:

The Adventure Company Foundation was set up to enable us to donate money to local charities and projects. We ask each of our customers travelling with us for a £1 donation which we match. The money is held in a separate account, away from company funds, and by keeping administration charges small (which are paid for by The Adventure Company) we can guarantee that 100% of the money donated goes to the project it’s designated to.
Our clients and our staff believe in The Adventure Company Foundation, and working together we’re sure we can reach and even exceed our aim of £8000 from client donations for charitable projects this year. We hope that through such a joint-venture we have the basis to be able to grow our support to good causes around the world, with your help, for many years to come.

Where does the money go?
Every year based on suggestions from our local agents, staff and customers we compile a list of small grass root projects that are in need of our help. We then ask our customers to help us decide which four projects we should support over the year.”

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