Papua New Guinea 11/11/2008

png2Not much information is available so far on numbers of porters working in PNG. Here are approximate numbers for the Kokoda and Lark Force Wilderness Track, and hopefully we will get more information on Mt Wilhelm and Irian Jaya.

KOKODA: this is a major track of 10 trekking days+ on mainland PNG. Approx 500 porters are employed with 55 registered and 25 unregistered companies. Apparently the number of unregistered companies is rising LARK FORCE WILDERNESS TRACK: there are 3 tracks developing into 5 tracks of 3+ trekking days on East New Britain province. 40 porters employed with 1 registered company.


Embroidered IPPG Logo

IPPG-logoThe porters and guides in PNG will be each getting an embroidered cloth roundel with IPPG logo and words “IPPG cares for me” hopefully that will get them more awareness etc. The colours are PNG national colours. We’ll have them mid-Dec then forward them to PNG where a business group will have them sewn on to our guides/porters.I’m sure then other guides/porters will want them. Should also catch the eyes of trekkers and hopefully raise interest


Also first aid kits/splints/bandages/boots/long cotton trousers/socks/raincoats are ready to be shipped to the guides & porters with more on the way next year.

Stepping up training/awareness, etc


Chris Diercke


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