Porters Clothing Banks

KEEP Porters’ Clothing Bank (Nepal)

The new KEEP porters’ clothing bank in Kathmandu is now open and providing equipment to porters.

Thanks go to DB Gurung (KEEP) and Ian Wall (CAN) who put this together in a remarkably short time. The store manager is ex-porter Kul Bahadur who lost his forefeet to frostbite, and the majority of the clothes are made in Nepal and purchased by donated money.

IPPG, CAN, Mountain Kingdoms (UK), World Expeditions (UK), Porter’s Progress UK and IMEC have undertaken to finance the operation of this bank for its first two years. KEEP and Mountain Fund will provide support in kind. The Porter Clothing Bank will initially operate with the stock received from Mountain Fund plus any other donations that are received. However in late August (2009) a full stock check will take place and new stock will then be purchased if required.

How you can help?

1) Donations in cash

We encourage donors to give money that we can use to buy the outfits. This has the double benefit to porters and the manufacturers. Donations can be made to KEEP, IPPG or Porters Progress UK.

2) Donations of clothes

Good second hand clothing can be donated for use by the clothing banks, but the donors need to get the clothes to Nepal themselves, or leave them at KEEP when leaving Nepal.  Useful clothes include good quality wind shell, fleece jackets and boots (up to size 9). Contact KEEP to arrange collection of gear from your hotel (Ph 0977 – 1 – 4216775).

More information on KEEP Porter Clothing Bank.

Lukla Clothing Bank (Nepal)

There is a clothing bank at Lukla supported by Porters Progress UK. This is a great place to drop off your suitable clothing and gear on the way down from your trek.