IPPG Organization

Young Porter

IPPG is totally voluntary and has a minimum of organization and bureaucracy. There is no membership as such and anyone who is interested can become involved by donation or by propagating IPPG’s aims. IPPG is a grassroots network. Anyone can be an activist and lobby trekking companies, government and media. All we ask is that you check in with your country representative before using IPPG’s name.


One International Coordinator, plus Country Representatives who organize their own publicity and fund raising efforts.

IPPG Representatives

The country representatives are the backbone of IPPG. We all work as volunteers and our only paid staff is Chhewang Sherpa, the rescue worker at the Machermo porter shelter and rescue post. Representatives’ activities may include arranging lectures, film shows, stalls at various venues, setting up a porter photo exhibition, fielding media and public inquiries, and fundraising. If you are interested to become a representative in your country, contact the International Coordinator.


Articles, lectures, documentaries, letter writing, talks, and donations.


Accounts are sent to the coordinator annually by all representatives. These are published on the IPPG website, along with reports of activities.