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Photo IPPG Newsletters: March 2004

International Mountain Explorers Connection (formerly the Himalayan Explorers Connection)


In 2003, the Himalayan Explorers Connection changed the organization’s name to the International Mountain Explorers Connection (IMEC), in order to reflect the work we are doing in developing mountain regions around the world. We are the same people, running the same great projects in more locations, just under a different name.

Porter Partnership Program
Director of Programs, Amanda Daflos, has been busy over the last several months meeting with many of the top U.S. tour operators and getting them to join the Porter Partnership Program. The program aims to assist trekking companies in developing porter guidelines and enforcing and reporting on the results. In 2003, Mountain Madness became the first U.S. tour operator to adopt the program and has listed the porter guidelines on their web page and put into motion several other components of the program.

In 2004, Mountain Madness will run expeditions in support of the porter program and simultaneously educate their clients about porter issues. Other partners include Adventure Life Journeys, Ferris and Shoeman, LLC, Global Humanitarian Expeditions, International Mountain Guides, Inc., KE Adventure Travel Worldwide and Tusker Trail and Safari Company.

Porter Assistance Project – Nepal
IMEC continues to loan our clothing and educate tourists in the offices in Kathmandu. In the fall trekking season over 60 porters were outfitted each month with donated gear from the clothing bank. Office manager Taranath has also signed up 25 local companies as members of the program.IMEC continues to work with the Kathamandu Environmental Education Project (KEEP), HRA, and IPPG and helped with an English Language for Trekking Professional class. Tara recently conducted a workshop on porter safety and outfitted porters on the Dhaulagiri Base Camp Cleanup.

Kilimanjaro Porter Assistance Project
Even in the rainy season, Kilimanjaro’s Porter Assistance Project director, Peter Ling and assistant director Zamoyoni Selestine have been busy providing training to over 180 porters a month in English and 60 porters a month learning basic first aid. Zamo also recently climbed Kilimanjaro to meet and talk to porters on the mountain. In 2003, the Kilimanjaro Porter Assistance Project proudly outfitted over 700 porters.

Moreover, IMEC has been officially recognized by the Tanzania National Parks Authority (TANAPA) and Kilimanjaro National Parks Authority (KINAPA) as an important component in the Tanzanian travel and tourism industry. IMEC will work in conjunction with these organizations in an effort to develop porter guidelines. Finally, Dr. Jim Duff of IPPG visited the KPAP offices in January 2004 en route to climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro. IMEC was pleased to meet with Jim and discuss the progress of KPAP.

Porteadores Inka Ñan (Inca Porter Project)
IMEC is pleased to announce its recent agreement to team with Inka Porter Project (IPP).

IMEC and IPP will work as sister projects. IPP will help develop tourist educational materials, such as a Peruvian version of a “porter poster” which promotes proper porter treatment. Additionally, IPP has developed pocket language resource cards, that help porters learn basic English skills. IMEC will distribute the poster and the language cards to tourists, members, and partners. IMEC and IPP will also offer “off the beaten path” trekking trips to Peru to educate trekkers and raise money for the program. IMEC will also accept U.S. tax-deductible donations for IPP.

Machermo Porter Shelter
IMEC recently assisted IPPG in getting a portable oxygen concentrator to be used at the Machermo Porter Shelter. This device provides oxygen to porters and patients who may be suffering from altitude sickness. In order to purchase this device, IMEC raised $4000USD from a grant and individual donors. An IMEC member then carried the oxygen concentrator to Nepal, it will be ready for 2004 spring climbing season.

Porters for Porters
IMEC is always looking for “Porters for Porters”. If you live in Colorado, Portland, OR or Seattle WA and plan to go to Nepal, Africa or Peru and can carry an extra bag, contact IMEC at

Amanda Dafloss IMEC Director of programs

IPPG representatives needed in Germany, Denmark, Spain, Israel, Eastern European countries, in nearly all states of the USA, and any other country without one. If you can help or would like more information on what it entails, contact the Rep Coordinator Lyn Taylor



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